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cerec avon ctAre you too busy for two appointments?

A smile is one of our greatest personal assets; it is a reflection of happiness and good health.  Yet many people avoid smiling because they are concerned about the condition of their teeth.  Proper dental care is critical to preserving and, when necessary, restoring your unique smile. 

And now, thanks to recent innovations in dentistry, proper dental care does not have to take away from your regularly scheduled life.  We are able to offer patients a kinder, gentler and faster way of restoring damaged or decayed teeth in usually a single appointment. 

The dental profession is evolving, and so should your experience. New technology helps diagnose problems earlier, allowing Dr. Katz to treat problems sooner and with less invasive techniques.  Our practice offers the latest in comfortable, convenient dentistry with our CEREC® tooth restoration system.  Using the CEREC® equipment, we can now complete a color-matched ceramic or composite tooth restoration – filling, inlay or onlay, crown or veneer – in usually a single appointment.

Thankfully, innovation in dentistry has made tooth restoration easier, more convenient, more accurate and overall less worrisome for patients. Dr. Katz uses a digital camera to take an optical impression of the damaged or decayed tooth,eliminating the traditionally uncomfortable and cumbersome process of taking a physical impression.

Dr. Katz then designs the appropriate restoration using CAD software and mills a tooth-colored ceramic restoration 

on-site, while the patient waits, in less than 13 minutes.  The milled restoration is extremely precise, very durable and made with bio-compatible tooth-colored material. There’s no need for a temporary and return appointment. 

While patients are most interested in the attractive quality of the final result and the time-saving approach, Dr. Katz lauds the conservative treatment plans made possible by CEREC®. In addition,  modern bonding techniques and precise conservative restoration design allow Dr. Katz to preserve more of the healthy tooth structure, creating a stronger, more natural result.

CEREC® has two decades of clinical research and documentation to support the technology. The restorations have been proven precise, safe and effective, with more than 20 million performed worldwide. 

CEREC® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems.

Call our office today to schedule a CEREC® dental appointment - (860) 678-1700

For more information on CEREC in the Avon, CT area call Hill View Dental Care at (860) 678-1700 today!

Mitchell S. Katz, DDS

Mitchell S. Katz, DDS

Dr. Mitchell S. Katz holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University College of Dentistry. He also is a graduate of George Washington University School of Medicine with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. He is an active member of many prominent dental associations, including the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the Connecticut State Dental Association, and the Hartford Dental Society.

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